Skin Peels Limerick

Skin Peels

Skin peels are a great way to speed up skin journeys.

There are 13 peels to choose from focusing on different skin concerns including gentle peels with little to no down time which offer a gentle exfoliation and brightening to the skin, to more invasive resurfacing skin peels. Depending on the acid % and pH level of the individual skin peel the skin can be retextured, congestion lifted, dry skin removed and visible anti-ageing effects delivered. Skin peels do have downtime and homecare must be followed for the preceding days.

  • Skin Peel from €90

Neuro Gaba

Neuro Gaba Treatment Limerick

This skin rapid neuro peel from Arkana Skincare gives an instant anti-ageing effect to the skin by using GABA, NANA and lactic acid. There is no shedding or flaking post-peel, just instant results. SPF must be worn days following treatment.

Price: €125

A-QS Hacker

Ideal for those suffering from adult acne. This skin peel ‘hacks’ the communication among bacteria to restore balance and the skin’s microbiome and eliminate breakouts while respecting the natural micro-environment of the skin for minimal downtime. Some dryness and flaking is often experienced after this peel.

Price: €90

AzAc Skin Peel

Ideal for this suffering the acne and acne rosacea who want fresh glowing skin. This peel uses azelaic, mandelic and salicylic acid to regulate sebum production, reduce breakouts and prevent further skin flairs. This peel is applied by Kelly in the treatment room and must be left on the skin for 6-8 hours and washed off at home by the Client. It is ideal to avoid wearing a face mask, exposing the skin to wind or sun, and avoiding sweating until the peel is washed off at home. Shedding, flaking and/or dryness is likely 2-3 days after the treatment.

Price: €80

Unitone Neuro Peel

A Neuro peel for those concerned with pigmentation and uneven skin tone. This peel uses next-generation Unitone TXA (tranexamic acid) Therapy to treat genetic pigmentation, hormonal, post-sun and post-breakout discoloration. Flaking and shedding may be expected for some clients post peel.

Price: €110