Facial Treatments Limerick

Skin Tightening, Skin Tags & Age Spots

Using the Phi Ion Plasma Pen numerous results can be achieved such as the removal of skin tags, mila and sun/age-spots and skin tightening.

The Plasma Pen is renewed for its skin tightening effect especially on the neck, eye lids, under eyes, sides of face and forehead. The treatment works by an electric charge passing through the probe, which when placed close to the skin creates an electric current and arc. This arc turns loose skin into gas, shrinking the skin which leaves behind a little carbon dot. There is both downtime and skin prep required with this treatment, so it is best to discuss this in advance at your skin consultation or next treatment.

Skin Tags are easily removed with virtually no discomfort and minimal downtime. This can be added on to any treatment or booked as a stand alone appointment.

Mila are small white bumps that often appear around the eyes, cheeks or forehead. They are essential a build up of dead skin cells trapped under the skin. These are also easily treated without discomfort thanks to the Plasma Pen. These can be added to almost any facial, peel or microneedling session.

Sun Spots, also known as Age Spots are small dark spots areas on the skin caused by excess melanin production. They can appear on any part of the body including but not limited to the hands, face, arms and back. These can be erased with the Plasma Pen. It is important to follow the aftercare given for best and lasting results.