Facial Treatments Limerick

Facial Treatments

Facial treatments are ideal for those who want to avoid the downtown of a skin peel and still achieve fantastic results. Each facial is targeted to treat specific skin concerns or skin types from building a beautiful bridal glow to treating breakouts.

If you are a new client, you must first complete a Skin Consultation or can book a consultation as part of your facial. If you wish to have your consultation and facial in the same appointment please select ‘New Client Facial’.

New Client Facial

This includes a consultation followed by a facial from the below list of facials. The correct facial can be chosen after your consultation and discussion to ensure the right treatment for your skin concerns is being chosen.

From €100

Woman Definition Facial

Woman Definition Facial

As women age, estrogen levels naturally deplete resulting in hormonal ageing and acceleration of glycation and oxidative stress which all result in visible signs of ageing on the skin. The Woman Definition Facial treats this by using phytogen and Feminage to replenish the skin and leave it firmer, plumper and with a natural glow. This treatment includes facial cupping for maximum drainage and detoxing.

Price: €95

C Fusion Facial

The ideal treatment for those short on time and looking for maximum glow, or who want a pick me up in time for a special event. This treatment combines three strains of vitamin C, curcumin and luminescine to brighten and smooth the skin, add glow, counteract the effects of blue light of the skin and give anti-ageing benefits to the skin. There is no downtime post-treatment.

Price: €80

Neuro Sensi Treatment

Neuro Sensi Treatment

A neurocosmetic treatment for those with sensitive, hypersensitive and reactive skin. This treatment centres around the neuro ingredients SensAmon P5 and Endothelyol to immediately soothe the skin, diminish high colouring and reduce inflammation.

Price: €80

Neuro Cannabis

Neuro Cannabis Treatment Limerick

A neurocosmetic treatment centred around the ingredient Kannabia Sense and cannabis stem cells which are safe for all skin types and those undergoing oncology treatment and with dermatology issues. This treatment is designed to soothe irritated and painful skin by restoring the balance of atopic and dysfunctional skin, smooths expression lines and stimulate the synthesis of neurochemicals to lift your mood.

Price: €80

Extraction Facial

Extraction Facial provides a deep exfoliation to the skin through an enzymatic gel followed by the removal of blackheads using a dilating lotion to ensure no unnecessary skin trauma or damage to ensure clear pores and more balanced skin.

Price: €75

Dermo Controle

Dermo Controle, also known as the acne facial is a specific treatment for severe cases of sebaceous secretion (oiliness) and the extreme spread of impurities (breakouts). Formulated to perform a deep exfoliation that renews the skin, before regenerating it and restoring its balance from deep within while fading appearance of blemishing from prior breakouts.

Price: €80

Harmonie Facial

Harmonie Facial restores the skins softness and comfort while assisting in repairing the skins protective barrier with high-tolerance products as those suffering with sensitivity, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis and sensitised skin are often highly reactive to both environment and products. This treatment reinforces the skins self-protection mechanism combining skin calmness and balance.

Price: €80

Aqua Vital Facial

This facial is designed for those seeking maximum hydration as its based around a 3 dimensional hydration system thanks to complex active ingredients such as 3D Hydra APS and Celldetox. Combined these ingredients help flush out toxins that have built up under the skin and hydrated on a both a deep and surface level for lasting results and an instant dewy glow.

Price: €80

Stem C3 Facial

Stem C3 facials, also known as the bridal facial use the latest developments in biotechnology to boost the formation of collagen, minimise wrinkles and rejuvenate the skin. With plant stem cells that tackle fibroblasts, promote longer cell life and stimulate their regeneration, plus 3 sources of vitamin C with protection against free radicals, as well as moisturising, firming and anti-pigment action giving glowing healthy skin.

Price: €80

Cellular 3 Facial

Cellular 3 facials are designed to combat the main 3 signs of ageing. They are the first cosmeceutical line that provides an efficient, visible and long-lasting response to the 3 proven causes of skin ageing (glycation, oxidative stress and DNA damage), offering and integral solution. Cellular 3 fights wrinkles, blurs blemishes, brightens the complexion, firms the tissues, redefines the oval shape of the face and skin texture, while minimising pores to recover the youthfulness of your skin.

Price: €80

Luminosity Facial

Luminosity treatments are cosmeceutical treatments designed to erase pigmentation through biotechnological, botanical and vegetable ingredients. New research has demonstrated the important function of fibroblasts in hyperpigmentation, this is why the Luminosity line tackles both the dermal and epidermal cause of hyperchromia to achieve visible and long-lasting results. Its powerful inhibitors of melanin with the latest generation of encapsulated alphananohydroxy acids, prevent the irregular production of melanin which inhibits the melanocytes to produce bright and radiant skin.

Price: €90

Urban Blue Defence Facial

Recent clinical studies on the pollution caused by light radiation and the environment show that the skin can be damaged by ‘3C Ageing’ caused by blue rays emitted from TV, computer and phone screens. The urban blue defence treatment repairs damage that has already been caused by pollution as it detoxifies and oxygenated the skin. It also acts as a barrier against aggressive light and environmental agents.

Price: €80